{ seagrass & squirrels }

Happy Wednesday!, woo hoo, we're halfway to the weekend. I just wanted to share a few of my little finds with you today. I was out yesterday, and it was an amazing 71 degrees here, which makes me oh so happy. I went to the big W, because they have a garden center and craft department, I was actually in search of some inexpensive muslin fabric...much to my disappointment, they had no fabric whatsoever. Maybe they are doing away with that dept. not really sure, they seem to be under some construction at this point. Anywhoo, so I just started walking through the aisles just lookin', and I found these great seagrass placemats.


I snatched them right up, because the price was right at $3.00 a piece. Apparently I have a placemat addiction because my little wren asked me "mommy why do you always buy placemats?" {admittedly....I do}.

See it there in the background, isn't it just lovely. It's round, and it's seagrass, what more could I ask for? I'm also totally in love with my new "vintage" milkglass compote that I found at a local thrift shop, I just love how it brightens up my table, and green apples always make me happy.

The second thing on my agenda, was to do a little spray painting project.

This is my mail squirrel. I found this quirky little guy where else, but a thrift store.
I like how he holds my new mail neatly against my message board,
while it waits for Papa to read it.
{ I don't do mail }

Here he is again in my spray painting box, waiting for his spray tan.

First I gave him a coat of matte black paint, because I want him to look like cast iron.

Secondly, I gave him many coats of matte ivory.

Here he is in his finished glory under lamplight. I'm not super thrilled with the way he turned out,
I still need to go back and chip off more of the ivory paint, just to make him look a little more distressed,
{ as if holding all of our bills and junk mail isn't distressing enough }.

I'm not sure if I like him better before or after, I kinda miss his handpainted 70's vibe.
He looks a little stark against my colorful message board, but my keeping room desk is due for some updates....
maybe this is just the beginning, mwah ha ha ha
{ Papa will not be happy....}

I'll keep you posted.

* peace & love *


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  1. You have me thinking now about all the ugly quirky things I've past up at the thrift stores! I think he turned out great -

  2. Carrie, I can't believe how you can turn something quirky into something gorgeous! I love your little squirrel with his brand new coat!! I am also loving your new seagrass placemats and that milk glass compote is divine, you must have been a very happy Mama Wren that day!!! Great finds all round:) ~ Tina xx

  3. I love it and can't wait to try this...

  4. I think you have a happy squirrel now. :)

    Did you know I just got the exact same placemats from IKEA about a month ago?!?! I'm loving them so much... I don't use them really unless guests are over, but they are happily displayed on my kitchen table.

    Hope you're having a good week!


  5. He looks brand spankin new!
    Awesome idea!

  6. I love your table and chairs! Where did you find them? Your squirrel turned out really cute, I never would have thought to buy something like that and then distress it, great idea!

  7. I love it all! Those placemats are divine - I must go buy some! The compote is lovely - and the squirrel turned out great.

  8. What a great find, the placemats are great, and what a bargain! I think your squirrel looks lovely with his new coat!

  9. Seagrass is natural and yet tamed by coiling it. I think I like it for it's fat substance! Your table looks lovely. I now have a thing for ironstone and green.

  10. i love his new coat! He looks very distinguished in white ;) And that little milk glass bowl is SO perfect!

  11. I think he looks cute Carrie!! Quirky and fun...I don't like mail either! And the placemats are perfect for spring/summer! Sometimes the big W has some good finds and you found one! :) Happy day~

  12. I have been on a painting kick lately too. I am going to be posting on my blog the things I picked up yesterday at the local thrift shop as soon as they are finished.

    And I LOVE those placemats, I am going to be on the hunt for some, they would work perfectly inside and outdoors too!

  13. Gotta love "W"...there is always a little surprise worth having!!! These will be so nice year round.

  14. Love the squirrel! Who would have thought to use him that way!

  15. awesome squirrel! great transformation!

  16. I personally think almost everything is better in a shade of white. ;)
    Below is a link to my white things. Great blog.


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