{ laundry }

I'm so sorry to have to expose you to my dirty little secret, 

but for my sanity I think it is a must.

My hope is that by sharing these photo's with you, 

that I will embarrass myself enough to get my a** in gear and

actually do something about it. 

 This is my laundry room, overflowing with clothing that seems to multiply when

the door is closed { thank goodness there's a door }, 

and piled high with clothes that can never seem to find their

way home. This is a space that I just can't seem to get a handle on. 

 It's not the smallest laundry room, but not the

biggest either....just big enough for a huge pile of clothes. 

 I've done my best to organize, I even had my father

build me my nifty little basket storage for everyones baskets...

this actually works quite well, except that like I said

laundry seems to have a problem finding it's way home when it's clean. 

 Every once in a while I get it nice and clean, 

no extra goodies lying around on top of the washer and dryer, 

nothing filling the unused laundry sink, 

 and when it is truly clean like in a magazine,

 then it can be heaven on earth. 

 Alas, this is a rarity, with a family of five, the laundry never ends. 

 I have Papa though, and he really doesn't seem to mind doing laundry near as

much as I hate it....he is our life saver. 

 I have to give him all the credit for staying on top of this chore, but to this

end I feel extremely guilty. What kind of wife am I anyway. 

 I'm so bad. I can get so easily overwhelmed by all

the things that need to be done in my home that I can't even begin. 

 Is anyone else out there like me, or am I just

crazy? I mean come on, the kids closets need to be organized, 

and all the old clothes that don't fit need to be

weeded out, I need to go through the toys and weed them out, 

 I am actually the only one who ever organizes

anything { I'm really quite good at it when I'm motivated }, 

no one cleans like mama cleans { agreed ? }. I guess I'm

just tired of it all....I'm ready to move to a smaller house....

throw out all but 2 days worth of clothing that we just

wash to death....get rid of every toy that sits untouched....

get rid of every kitchen implement that never gets

used...if it gathers dust in my house...it needs to go. 

 I know, I know, that's extreme...but that's pretty much

where I'm at right now. I've completely lost it huh! 

 I feel better already though, ooh, and I think I feel some motivation coming on. 

 I promise to share a worthy picture when I turn my hell into heaven...

wish me luck.

*peace & love*


p.s. did I mention that my copious house has not one laundry closet...kooky huh.

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  1. Carrie, I laugh because any of us could've written that post. I'd have to leave out the part about shelves with baskets, laundry sink, pretty curtains, etc...Mine is a stackable unit in with the pantry.

  2. I feel for you! I often feel the same way but you should do everything you mentioned in your post-it honestly is a freeing feeling. Everything in my house that was untouched, unloved, hidden away, too small, too ugly...went out the door and I feel so much better. Good luck! :) sarah

  3. Oh my, I TOTALLY know what your saying! That is also my reality. In fact, I should be doing laundry right now, but have no motivation to do it. Just know you are NOT alone in this!!!! I guess we shouldn't sweat the small stuff.... right?

  4. All you need for motivation is to watch an episode of Hoarders!!!!!!

  5. What's worse is that until all of these chores are done and that laundry room looks like heaven, then you feel guilty for spending any time on yourself or your hobbies! At least I do...What is that? Does anyone sacrifice themselves as much as a Mom or Wife? I think not. At some point you have to think...In the future, will I be happy I spent time with my family and friends or will have I enjoyed being a Stepford woman! If organizing makes you happy and calm then go for it, if you find you don't have the time for weeks or months then HAVE NO REGRETS!

  6. Oh, I love all of your comments. I agree with each of them, and yes, I am going through a huge purge right now. Lol, I did just watch a few episodes of hoarders with my sis the other day, and it is super motivating. I just wish I could stop the bringing more in to replace the old, but aside from never watching t.v., reading a decorating magazine, or leaving the house...I know that won't happen. Till then I'll organize a little so I don't have to feel too guilty about spending time doing what I love.

  7. I hear you!!! I've been on the deep cleaning issue in our home with toys. If they haven't used it in the last year it's been donated... bags of toys left the home, it felt so good. I had a b-day party for my 7 yr old and her friends came over {one of them hadn't been here since last b-day party} and she said hey where did all the toys go... my daughter said we gave them to the poor cause we didn't use them anymore! I ws upstairs and heard this and smiled HUGE!!! they haven't missed them.
    Laundry though never ends... wish i had a solution but you are not alone!! :)

  8. It is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but laundry IS part of the curse! LOL

  9. Purge Purge it. It's amazing how good you feel when you have less. I did it and can't be more happy. I still have more to do, but guess what I DO NOT MISS the stuff I purged. AND...I haven't had the urge to go buy more.

  10. Oh honey, I am right there with you! In fact I've almost written this post myself! There have been many a time where I have just gone out and bought new socks cause I am sick of trying to find a matching pair!

  11. LOL I came over on the perfect day! I just shared with my moms group that while the rest of my house is fairly organized my laundry room is like an episode of hoarders!!! first of all, it's SMALL and you walk through it to get from the garage to kitchen. Let's just say I'm glad we are moving! :)
    Love your blog and looking forward to reading more!

  12. Oh Carrie honey, welcome to my world!! Lets just say the roman blind I bought for the glass pane in our laundry door (which comes off our kitchen) was the BEST investment I ever made ;) What I can't see doesn't exist right? Hee hee... I am attempting to overhaul our laundry room tomorrow, so if I don't comment on your blog for a few days, please send in the search party!! PS - we don't have any cupboards either. Good luck with your laundry room! ~ Tina xx

  13. Oh girl, sounds like you have a case of "spring fever" which always includes a good purge! I just did this last weekend and sent a heap over to Goodwill which always makes me feel good. your laundry room is just darling, you would laugh at mine, it is the size of a closet...ack! oh and ps I like laundry, I will be right over to help...hang on!

  14. Carrie...I am so with you on this post! Laundry has to be one of my least favorite things to do. We have 7 people here and if a little is not done everyday...well, I am sure you can imagine the piles! Luckily I have learned to utilize my sources...my two oldest can now do their own on their laundry days. :) Good luck with your spring cleaning...I am just trying to get my life back in order with our remodeling! Tired already!!


  15. I know exactly how you feel. My laundry room looks like I never do laundry. But doesn't it seem like we are always doing laundry. I have these moments basically every day of my life. So just know you are not alone!
    Take Care,

  16. I don't mind doing laundry but everything else (especially dishes) I just get overwhelmed by. I try to keep it under control and then on Sunday's my husband helps me clean the whole house, when he is helping I get more motivated:) Also have you ever participated in a child's consignment sale for all your kids old toys and clothes? I love them!


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