:: balloon flower

My pretty little balloon flower, one of the newest additions to my gardens. I adore the color of this flower and the size of it's blooms. I captured this photo with the rising sun shining and illuminating the veining of the flower and leaves. I love to stroll through my gardens at sunrise, everything looks so much prettier bathed in beautiful light.

I'm having a wonderfully lazy Sunday here. I've already had a nice little snooze on the front porch, after some leisurely reading of Country Living magazine and a new book on herbs. Ahhh, I love to relax.

Hope you are having a wonderfully relaxed Sunday too, take some time to stop and smell the flowers.

:: peace & love ::


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  1. Oh my goodness..Beautiful !! My Mom always had those beauties in her garden, such a magical little plant. We only have the spring bulbs & dandelions aplenty blooming up here. Thank you for such wonderful photos.

  2. What a stunning color! Isn't nature awesome?

  3. Just found your beautiful blog! Your photos are great!

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