:: belles pommes


These beautiful apples accompany me while I read and have my morning coffee. The lovely light shining in this morning inspired me to grab my camera and capture their simple beauty. I'm so excited to wake up to glorious sunshine after days of gloom. It's quite a spectacular morning, as I sit and type little finches sit outside of my window singing me a song. I can't wait to spend some time outside in the gardens today. Off I go....hope you have a wonderful Monday too.

:: peace & love ::
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  1. Wow ... it looks great,beautiful photos... very elegant!
    I wish you a pleasant Monday:)

  2. There is nothing so beautiful as sunshine first thing in the morning...it can set the stage for a beautiful day. Just those moments can be calming and inspiring. I woke to rain and it makes such a difference..it is then a different setting for a different kind of day.

    I love that you ran and grabbed the camera to capture these moments...the photographs just sing and I love the colour and combination.

    Here is to a beautiful Monday -- no matter the weather!


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