:: peonies

I love peonies, but it makes me sad how fleeting their blooms are. I wish they bloomed as long as hydrangeas. They are so beautiful and so delicate that a heavy rain comes and you are left with a pile of petals where there was once a beautiful flower. I've decided that the best thing is to cut them and bring them inside where I can truly enjoy their beauty.

So gorgeous are those frilly light pink blooms....

Happy Monday to you. It's a beautiful sunshiny day here, though it will be a little too hot to really enjoy being outside. I don't know how we survived summers in the south before air conditioning, I only know that if we didn't have it I would be moving somewhere a little cooler.

Have a wonderful day.
:: peace & love ::

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  1. Peony are beautiful and elegant flowers, I love them!
    Warm greetings from Croatia Carrie:)

  2. Peonies are my favorites! I'll gladly swap you some of our North Dakota coldness for some heat! :) Have a wonderful day! ~Heidi

  3. So gorgeous. My absolute fav! My favorite color is coral but we don't see that color in the south.


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