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Herbs have quickly gone to the top of the list of my favorite things to plant. They are wonderful for so many reasons. Obviously they are amazing to taste, but they are also so beautiful to look at. They have some of the most beautiful foliage shapes and designs, some flower, but I prefer just to look at their beautiful structures. Herbs are especially easy to grow, and are very quick as well, in one season you can have a voraciously growing plant.

Just last night I took a few clippings from my new basil plant only a month or so old, it had only a few leaves when I purchased it. Currently I am experimenting with how and where I plant my herbs, some I have in the pots above on my upper deck outside of the kitchen and others I have in my perennial flower beds. The herbs planted in the beds have completely taken off since planted last season. Below is my oregano planted just last season, I can't believe how quickly it's growing.

My lovely basil plant, I love it's waxy look and perfectly shaped leaves. This herb is becoming one of my favorites...I just cooked an amazing meal with it last night.... and Papa loved it. It was so fun to be able to run out and snip it and bring it in for cooking.

Spearmint...my son had to have this herb is was his choice when we went to the farmer's market. Now it will be up to me to figure out how to cook with it, though I just enjoy looking at it for now. I guess it will be good for making mojito's, since my friends love them.

So, if you haven't planted herbs before....now's the time....it is so fun and rewarding to plant and use these wonderful plants. The best thing of all is that many are perennials, and you can grow them in containers inside or out for use in your kitchen throughout the year.

Herbs.... love em'

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  1. I use pineapple mint in iced tea.... the spearmint would probably work for that too! I'm a huge fresh basil, fresh tarragon and fresh italian parsley "person". I'm not very successful with cilantro... it just bolts and goes to seed :(


  2. I'm starting my herbs next wk.
    The weather here has been horrible.
    So, glad I waited. Yours looks like they
    are doing great!
    xxx Liz

  3. Great shots and interesting post!
    I love fresh basil and origano.
    Kisses and have a nice day:)

  4. I got mine planted this week. I love a little fresh basil and cilantro in the summer!

  5. I love them as well herbs are all I was able to do this year.


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