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Welcome to my little garden. I started these five little raised beds last year, and already I can see that I need more space. I love, love, love growing my own veggies. Nothing tastes better than fresh broccoli from the garden...it's amazing. This will be my third time cutting broccoli, I have eight plants which have provided just enough for a meal for a family of four but it's just not enough. My family loves broccoli. 

I also have four brussels sprouts in another bed, I would have had eight but somehow or another picked up cabbage instead so now we have a bed with cabbage too. As you can see from the pick above, my brussels sprouts are just starting to sprout, I hope to be able to harvest them before too long. I love brussels sprouts, especially roasted in olive oil with sea salt & pepper MMMmmmm.

In my larger back bed I have my eight asparagus plants along with three cherry tomatoes, and some flowers that need to find a new home to make room for my asparagus and tomatoes. Asparagus is my absolute favorite of all of the veggies I have planted, and I can't wait for a few years to pass so I can finally harvest. Next year I hope to extend my beds, and I will definitely be planting more asparagus.

I have so enjoyed this small garden, and so has my family, but it's definitely time for bigger and better so for now I'll start planning for next year to build new BIGGER raised beds. I have big plans...I can't wait to bring them to life. It may be ambitious, but I would love to do very little shopping for food during the growing season and eat only what we grow. I love coming in with my garden fresh veggies, just seeing them there on the counter in my basket makes me happy and ready to cook a great meal.

Happy Weekend!

:: peace & love ::
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  1. Beautiful vegetable garden!
    Nice weekend, kiss:)

  2. I love your petit jardin too! I love growing my own veggies too. I've done it in every home we've lived in for the past 22yrs. Even in containers on the balcony of an apt. I never seem to have enough room for everything I want to plant. I have never had success with brocolli. It has always gotten so eaten by bugs that there was none left for us to harvest. I've harvested a few cabbages. I would sure love to be able to grow brocolli and cauliflower. My summer garden is growing now...tomatoes, zuchini, beans, and peppers.

  3. Love your sweet little raised beds!!! So cute:)

  4. Hi Carrie,
    The garden looks wonderful. I've been seeing alot of raised bed gardens. Makes me want one just to plant tomatoes and lettuce, for summer salads. I wish I had a green thunb like you!
    I miss your frequent posts.
    xxx Liz


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