{ a corpse bride & shape shifter }


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

It was really strange having Halloween on a Sunday this year,

made it just a little hard to get into the spirit.

We did the best we could, and this is miss "p" as the corpse bride.

We couldn't actually find a corpse bride costume she was happy with, 

so we ventured out on our own and constructed our own version for a fraction of the cost.

We spent $18 on several yards of muslin, some tulle, a black shirt & tights and some skeleton gloves.

I'm not much of a seamstress so not a whole lot of sewing went into this costume.

We simply cut out the bodice shape, and a square shape for the wrap skirt.

I did hand sewed a pinch pleat to make a sweetheart neckline with some tulle around the top,

but that was it for the sewing...the rest was just a little skillful tearing of the fabric.

To age out the muslin fabric and make it look fresh from the grave, I wet the fabric & painted 

with black watercolors around the edges of the torn skirt and the bottom of the bodice...it looked great.

We already had an old tiara and a vintage crocheted tablecloth which I sewed onto the tiara,

this made up our very old looking & eerie veil, we finished off the costume with a bouquet of dead 

hydrangeas cut on the way out the door to go trick or treating.

Who is that handsome fellow there with my little corpse bride you ask,

Well that is her shape shifter brother, he's pretty scary huh ; ).

Happy to see her since she only returns on All Hallows Eve he reaches out for a hug...

or um is he getting ready to attack?  Not sure...we'll stick with hug.

:: peace & love :: 

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  1. Hi Carrie:) These pics are FABULOUS!! How awesome do your children look in their costumes! I think your corpse bride costume is better than ANY pre-made one you would find anywhere! Love it:) Hope you have a wonderful week my friend ~ Tina xx

  2. Carrie,
    One of my girls did the corpse bride before too!! We just constructed our own too.....but, yours turned out FAB. I love her make-up! Love!


  3. You did an amazing job on the make up! Such a good costume!

  4. Too cute...I mean scary!! lol I love what you did for the corpse bride...great creativity! The pictures of your kiddos turned out so good!!

    Hugs to you friend,

  5. Love the costumes and love the corpse bride makeup, amazing!!

  6. love the corpse bride. very inventive. i will bookmark that one. and tell your son for me that he looked totally creepy!!! :) cindy


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