:: are you brave?

Not Me.

There's no way you'll find me out on Black Friday battling the crowds for the deals. I would much rather sit in my PJ's sipping a coffee and perusing the wonderful unique gifts on ETSY. So in honor of Black Friday, I thought I would share some photos of the lovely Black {and white} items I found on ETSY this morning....by the way I'm still in my PJ's, with bed head as I type....and I think you are so important that I haven't even had my morning coffee yet.

This is where you will find me today.....HOME.

My home is always on my mind...how about you?

I could really use this little lovely right now...my studio is freezing.

These lovely bows would be perfect for holiday parties...don't you think?

I think I could pair them with this adorable little clutch.

I wonder if I could get the hubs to wear these fun cuff links?

He might also like this cool piece of art....I know I do.

Maybe I should carry this little bag instead...

Hmm, maybe I'll trade out neck bling for earrings.

So, are you brave?  Were you out there in the crowds today, or were you like me and shopping from your computer?  

I love having the convenience of shopping in my PJ's.  Although sometimes you just can't beat a little retail therapy to get you in the Holiday gift giving spirit. Just not on BLACK Friday.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did...it was one of the best ones yet.  Of course I had my few minutes of meltdown that is par for the course for me at least, my Mom and Sister just laugh at me thank goodness....cuz they know it's going to come at some point. I guess it's the price of {trying} to be perfect, and hosting a house full of people.  I wonder if Martha ever melts down before a big party.

:: peace :: love :: hugs ::

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  1. Great that you had a great thanksgiving,I like to shop also from behind my pc, no crouwds and super easy! greetings

  2. Woww... thanks a bunch for featuring my Tiny Choker among all these stunning creations... great blog post!!!

  3. You go girl!!! No Black Friday here either!! No way. Last night on the news they showed people who were camping out....now that's ridiculous!! You stay in those jammies as long as you want cuz I said so!!


  4. i'm with you on black friday, too. as much as i love to shop...today is not the day.

    love you fabulous etsy finds.

    i hope your weekend is nice and relaxing. you deserve it.

  5. No I never do Black Friday...sounds awful to me. Instead we are heading out later to get some supplies to make the new xmas decorating ideas that we have been talking about the last couple of days. I love your etsy finds (etsy...oh how many hours can I wile away...so many good things) especially the clutch.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring me and my Le Chapeau print! I'm snug as a bug at home today as well.

  7. Even if I hadn't had to be to work by 6a.m. Friday I wouldn't have been out shopping...I would have been cozied up on the couch with my coffee, lounging around endlessly. If they makes me a coward, so be it. I think you have the right idea!

  8. We don't have black friday here. But I love the things you posted! That is probably how I would shop as well. :D Great post!


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