{ the loot }

It was such a beautiful fall day today. Perfect for getting out and hitting the yard sales and antique stores. Just thought I'd share some photos of the loot I scooped up today.  

{ awesome vintage mason jars, the large one is marked 1858 }

{ a lovely milk glass planter, this one will complete a set for me }

{ an old rustic cutting board, I just loved the patina on it }

{ one of my favorite finds this old ammo bag from WWII, isn't it awesome}

{ a couple of sweet vintage patterns, I would wear either of these if I could only find someone willing to sew them up for me }

{ a vintage tobacco can, this one reminds me of my parents because they have one like it in their mountain cabin }

{ an adorable set of mod sixties canisters, too cute to pass by...the orange on has a baby inside. }

{ vintage books from the 1920's,  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these old reading primers...so sweet } 

{ some hand picked vintage postcards, I love every one }

{ another very old reading book, it has the sweetest images }

{ in preparation for the holidays, an old red handled potato masher....love me some mashed potatoes }

{ biggest score of the day is this lovely antique side table, I love the scrollwork bars on the sides }

{ this is probably my second favorite find today, an old Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20 camera }

Oh, and I almost forgot about the old white crate in the top picture. I'm gonna be able to find lots of uses for that guy....for right now though, he's still carrying all of my loot.  Woo Hoo for loot, and great friends who love to go out and find loot too.  Love ya Brit.

Happy Saturday

peace, love & hugs


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  1. Would you believe I passed up some Ball Jars in Blue for .50 cents on Thursday. Yes! I have some already. Oh, well. I have the same Milk Glass. Love it and your loot.Wish we could thrift together:) Hugs, Liz

  2. Nice new blog face! Saw your tweet. :)
    LOVE your Saturday finds. The red-handled potato masher reminded me of my momma. (LOVE the Mason jars, too.) Looks like it's been a good day in your corner of the world.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with your "loot"! Love me some aqua ball jars. What do you do with all of yours?

  4. Wow Carrie, what a shopping day!! You found some great things, love the canisters and the jars and cutting board!!! Now I want to go shopping! ;-)

  5. U just didn't find a lot of great loot you hit the Jackpot! Awesome finds~Cheers Kim

  6. love the finds. especially the blue mason jars...so pretty.

    hope your weekend is lovely.

  7. great finds, carrie! love those jars! and i am so tired this morning that i literally had to read about the orange canister having a baby inside it 5 times before i realized you means a baby canister. wow, get me to the coffee! now!

  8. I am visiting you via The Quintessential Magpie. I was drawn to your the name of your blog and I'm glad I stopped by. I have a friend who just named her baby girl Charlotte Wren and I love anything vintage. Your blog is charming and I will be back again soon.

  9. Hi there Carrie!
    So nice to meet you..Im your newest follower (purehunnybee) and just lovin' your blog!
    I found you at sweet Tinas' blog...
    Like you didnt find those GORGEOUS blue Ball jars! They are my absolute favourite!!! And that bag is SO AMAZINGLY beautiful!
    You did well!!
    Have a great weekend and come and visit me!!

    With all my heart...Deborah x0

  10. Isn't that just a GREAT day when you find so many wonderful things!! How fun! Love what you found!
    Have a pretty day!

  11. Ohhh you did very well! I would have bought everything you bought. I went to a garage sale and the girl kept saying "my Mom use to own an antique store"! Her Mom was not out there when she was giving the stuff away. I bought a dresser marked $300.00 for $10.00! And lots more. Enjoy your week!

  12. Awesome finds! I LOVE that bag you scored. What a find! You should include prices of your great finds! Only thing better than finding something so wonderful is finding it at a great price! Im' a new follower and love your site!

  13. Wowee Carrie you found some great stuff!!
    Happy Monday to you.

  14. You really got some great stuff...gotta love when that happens!!


  15. i love the mason jars. love them. and that camera is great. my mom used to have a washstand like that when i was younger. great finds.....

  16. I love all the loot you found. I love yard sales and thrift stores too. Though I am trying to cut back on all the things I get. Love the mason jars, I have one or two of those 1856 ones, too. They look so pretty with stuff displayed in them. I absolutely love milk glass, I have posted about my collections of it on my blog. The yard sales have stopped in our area now, it is too cold. Also like the old school books.

  17. oh my...
    you got some amazing treasures!!

    love the old books....the old camera...
    the bag....

    wow~ you did good.

    i've been itching to go to an auction and find some treasures at a great price.

    now i want to go even more


  18. I scored on tons of those aqua colored jars last week. All a variety of ball, atlas, kerr and one other. All with lids! Amazing find.


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