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I know, we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but everywhere you go you start seeing the signs of the holidays to come. I haven't really given it much thought until a trip to the library yesterday with my little wrens. We went in search of children's novels, and I came away with a stack of Christmas Decorating and Crafting books.  Needless to say, the wheels are beginning to turn.  As fast as time has been going lately, it will certainly be here before I know it. So I better get busy. For today though, I have a bigger project to tackle...painting my daughters room.  Wish me Luck.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments on my LOOT post.  I'll try to share some ways in which I use the things that I actually keep for myself in a future post.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday.

:: peace :: love :: hugs ::

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  1. I LOVE that deer
    but I am not ready

    and it is rainy and gloomy and there is too much housework to do and I feel BLUE

    but that glitter deer cheered me up a bit!

  2. Good luck on the painting job. My living room job is coming up soon. Maybe over Thanksgiving break????? Anyway, I'm ready for Christmas decorating too. I told the kids we'll get out the Christmas village this weekend.

  3. I am almost there too! I have ants in my pant to get it all out, and start to play!

  4. Looking forward to seeing pics of your daughter's room. Happy painting!

  5. We are having family in from out of state for Thanksgiving...so I really need to get through that....but, I am so ready this year to get started. Can't wait.

  6. Such a cutie!!! Paint? come to my house!! Hugs, Liz


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