{ a s-wellie day }

Happy Thursday to you all.

This is today's attire for me as it is rainy and yucky where I am.

I used to get a little down when it was rainy and dreary,

but since I bought my first pair of Hunter Wellies

I actually look forward to these opportunities to wear them out.

Love Them... need a pair in every color now.

So....Rain ON....

It's a S-wellie day.

Hope you are having a SWELL day wherever you are today.

:: peace & love ::


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  1. Oh, I am so jealous, Carrie! I've always wanted some Wellies. I have similar boots, but not the real deal. Love them and that houndstooth scarf! That is killer good-looking, and I'm also wild over the hat. Makes me want to go back to Scotland and England!


    Sheila :-)

  2. They are so fun! Love all the styles and that they keep your feet dry.~Cheers Kim

  3. I want a pair! I didn't know they came in colors too! Hugs, Liz

  4. love the outfit always wanted a pair of boots like that maybe I shall put them on my Christmas list.

  5. Cute! I love my wellies...even if it means rain for the day. Love the houndstooth scarf too!

  6. I have brown hunters that i LIVE in!!!

  7. Cute! I love rainy days sometimes, too! Hunters are so pricey, I wish I could afford even one pair, LOL!

  8. I need a pair! My Christmas list would include these boots, a chocolate lab to walk the wet fields with and a Keurig coffee machine. Lovely photos, just lovely.

  9. Rain at my place today so I was able to dress the whole family up in the galoshes! The kids love it when we all get our rain boots on. Love the eye candy on your blog!



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