{ fall cherry blossoms }

Thank You to all Veterans who have given of themselves and served our country so well. I am grateful for all the men and women brave enough and selfless enough to serve and protect our country... where would we be without them.  God Bless them all.  God is certainly shining down on them in my neck of the woods...It couldn't be a more beautiful fall day with the most amazing Carolina blue skies. I had to get the camera out and get some shots of the fall beauty around me. I was especially enthralled with my Autumnalis Cherry Tree...it's so lovely to see it blooming this time of year. These photos are unaltered and straight from my camera {I'm learning how to apply actions... so they will be fun to play with in the future}.  Hope you are enjoying lovely blue skies wherever you are today. : )


{ peace & love }


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  1. a lovely post.
    and gorgeous photos.

  2. Im came over from another blog. How stunning .

  3. I love your header. If that is knitting needles I have the same ones and also the hand craved ones they out of walnut that they no longer make.

  4. Thanks. Mine are birch and walnut and bamboo.
    I love to knitt and havent in awhile.
    I dont like plastic or steel knitting needles at all.
    Thanks for your kind words and visit.

  5. i am in awe of anything that blooms at this time of the year. everything here in michigan is dying in anticipation of winter. boo!!!!

    hurry spring!!!

    have fun with the actions. once i finally got it down (how to load them into the computer) i don't know how i lived without them!!!!



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