{ laundry heaven...it does exist }

It worked, it worked.

Sharing my unsightly and unorganized laundry with you did help motivate me.

So here she is in her clean and organized state, I may want to come back here periodically

just to make sure that this really did happen.

I'm so glad it's documented.Thanks for all of your encouraging comments.

You are all too funny, and it's  great to know I'm not alone in this.

I actually had quite a good time organizing and decorating my laundry.

I looked online for fun things to buy to add to my room,

then I ran around and shopped my house.

I had the baskets along the back of the washer and dryer in the cabinets above. 

 I decided to put them along the back to help 

keep things from falling behind into no mans land.

They also serve as a place to sort socks, there is one for each family member.

Now instead of one big basket of socks, I can hand everyone their own basket,

and they can sort their own.  Score for mom.

I rounded up the vintage travel iron, old shoe form, a bottle, 

and today, I added the lovely milk glass vase found at goodwill 

to hold my pretty little Ikea plant.

I'm really happy with the way it all looks grouped together on top,

and I still have plenty of space to fold clothes.

I brought in the little lamp by the laundry sink from another room,

and I added some glass jars, all found at thrift stores,

The tall one will hold a collection of old clothes pins 

I ordered them last night on e-bay,

the vintage ball jar holds loose change { moms spending money }

and the little vintage jar is perfect for holding extra buttons.

I can't wait for my clothespins to come so I can put them in their home.

On the other side of the room, I cleaned off the top of my basket cabinet,

and brought in some vintage wire gym locker baskets

also recently purchased on e-bay. I just adore them.

I filled them with vintage linens, extra hand towels, and my dust rags

{ papa's old t-shirts cut up into squares - yes...I throw the sweaty parts away }.

There is one for each family member if I should ever need to repurpose them,

but for now they line up perfectly, and add just the right look.

Lastly, I went out today to my favorite antique store in 

search of an old enamelware basin...and woo hoo,

I found one and it was just the right price too.

I was so happy { insert happy dance }, 

I came right home and hung it on the wall.

I think it's the perfect finishing touch.

So there you have it, a laundry makeover in a day...

minus a little shopping today { shhhh, don't tell papa }

Whew, I'm pooped....and I still have three more loads to go.

Uggg....Calgon...take me away.

* peace & love *


p.s. I can't believe I forgot to say that the lovely vintage window was hand painted by my wonderful mother { I just love it }, and it so lovingly hangs above my cabinet hand crafted by my sweet daddy...I love having an artsy family. Oh yeah, the rose painting above the sink, that's just a little of my handiwork from several years back { it was the cover photo of a Martha Stewart magazine....I was a huge MS fan back in the day. }

p.s.s.s. I'm going to be getting rid of the school bus yellow soon, and I'm open to suggestions...do you have a favorite cream, white, or taupe? Or maybe you have an even better color suggestion. Let me know what you think.
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  1. looks great...love the old window and of course the locker baskets!! See sometimes telling people what you need to do is good motivation...!! nice work!

  2. how in the world did you do that so FAST!

  3. SO NICE!!! I would LOVE to have a window in my laundry room. Mine is currently a CAVE!

    :) Happy SP Day!

  4. I think you inspired me to start on my laundry room now. I've been wanting to paint it but keep putting it off. I love all the cute vintage touches!!

  5. Oh my gosh, you are an inspiration to me. You should SEE my laundry room right now. It's on my to-do list. Perhaps I should be working on that instead of this?

    It looks amazing!

  6. Your laundry room is so pretty! Gosh, if mine looked half as cute as yours, I might actually do laundry...ha ha

  7. I love your laundry room, I'm drooling. I love your locker bins, too cute!

  8. What a wonderful laundry room! I love every bit of it!

  9. Those wire baskets look GREAT! ...so does the entire room.

  10. Loving the transformation! You have definitely inspired me to get my spring cleaning in gear. Gorgeous work!! You have one happy laundry room now. :) Do you just stand there and admire how pretty it looks now? I know once I've done a transformation of a room I can stand for hours and just enjoy looking at it. Great job!!


  11. Nice work - and so fast!?! Love the idea for sock sorting. Will be borrowing....


  12. Love what you did...and in one day too! Great job, you have inspired me to organize something...anything!

  13. Oh I love it Carrie! I love those wire baskets!! You have done an amazing job my dear:) Ok you have inspired me to get in and start mine now...I had been putting it off all morning. Well done to you, you must be thrilled! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day ~ Tina x

  14. Those iron baskets are calling my name! Your laundry room is amazing. I may just be a tad jealous. ;)

  15. Color wise. Whatever is most soothing to you.

    Your Sister

  16. Love it!! I would want to live in your laundry room pretending to love to do laundry because it is so pretty and cheerful!! lol You did a great job!!


  17. Adorable! I just gave my laundry an updo and it sure makes doing laundry more fun. I love, love, the old window with roosters on it!

  18. I am amazed that a laundry room can look so pretty. Truly amazing!

    And because I read your blog daily and love it, I have awarded you "The Beautiful Blogger Award". Check it out at:


  19. Love it. I am going to have to organize mine tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration. Now I am off to bed. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Carrie!
    TAke Care,

  20. It looks fantastic! I never thought I'd covet someone's laundry room, but I so am right now. :)

  21. I followeda link from another blog. You have a lovely blog. Your before and afters are inspiring. I spent the entire day today doing this to my kitchen. I have to wake up tomorrow and do more, but this gives me that extra nudge. Thanks for shaing this beauty with us.

  22. fantastic laundry room, very inspiring!


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